poem image for Gas Masks for Khan Sheikhoun | ruins in Morocco

Gas Masks for Khan Sheikhoun

Have you heard? They’re sending people to Mars. It seems to me… Crazy? Mars is hostile to life. You can’t even breathe the air! How will they survive? Well, we’ll make them a refuge, of course. It’s only Right. We value their lives – The forefront of humanity – We must make sure they thrive.…

2016 Lunar eclipse covered by cloud | Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

The Lost Wings

The Lost Wings   I did not believe you when you insisted My wings were beautiful. In the water I have seen them reflected – And they were muddy as the river. But you, how iridescent! Royal and purple, flashing in the dappled sun. Your wings are regal why are you going begging? One day it…

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