2016 Lunar eclipse covered by cloud | Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

The Lost Wings

The Lost Wings


I did not believe you when you insisted

My wings were beautiful. In the water

I have seen them reflected –

And they were muddy as the river.


But you, how iridescent! Royal

and purple, flashing

in the dappled sun. Your wings are regal

why are you going begging?


One day it dawned on me we two are of a kind.

Your wings are mine.

But they could only be described by the one behind.


I turned and call you to come back around

But you are spellbound

Lost, and cannot again be found.

– Tembeling, Malaysia.


Written in the sky

Solar eclipse March 2016 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Something has moved to block the sun.

We watched it ourselves, on a makeshift day with my makeshift scope. Functional, like me – not the ease on the eyes you must have, without – smoothing contouring and paint; you could not Instagram – this.

We had – coconut ice cream and chocolate mangoes. Remember the Vichyssoise – from monkey island nights.

Bobbing in the water – legs making a raft. The rising moon had Jupiter by her side. Disputed – refereed by a stellar map. And facing off with the death anchor.

Kampung Pasir Hantu | Perhentian Kecil village beach | Perhentian Islands Malaysia

Fall on me. 

Down the hill, flowing – like the water cascading in rapids down the rocks. Held in comfort – subsiding calamity. Disappointment – I know. How I know. 

The long words and meeting of the minds, have your back – don’t matter. In the end you must have the wheels turn and – desire the crushing, clutching fire.

But I’m a healer. A guardian.

Let me down, gently. 

And say goodnight.

2016 Lunar eclipse covered by cloud | Perhentian Islands, Malaysia | lost wings

For something has moved to block the moon before –

she can reflect sunlight back, clean to his gaze. To understand. Too late. The polluted aura of a damaged planet tints the rays to blood-rust. He cannot see. 

So I cast away the last of your remembered light from –

a tower of mirrors to – any passing craft. That the final rays of the sun’s own face may energise those he – forgot – when the sun consented himself small – enough to orbit a planet.

2 thoughts on “The Lost Wings

  1. That poem was so so beautiful. It touched me on quite a deep level and made me think of two travelers wandering aimlessly together while not realizing the value of each other

    1. One did, but regrettably too late.

      And yes, it was something like that – although it was more like two travelling ‘around’ each other, like butterflies would. A year that could only be expressed in poetry, for now. Thank you for feeling it.

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