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Anywhere, Away With You

Come let’s go out and play! I understand now, why they call it being ‘re-born’. Looking back, the stages that I passed since taking the leap into changeĀ almost 5 years ago, seem very like an accelerated second childhood. Re-connecting with my abilities at a basic level, re-examining how I thought and spoke to others, being…

Oman desert hut | Oryx desert camp | Wahiba Sands | Oman | The Vault | poem | poetry | Teja on the Horizon

The Vault.

Tell no one, my friend. I have the key to the Vault. Therein are supplies of the most precious of things not from the hands of man. Time if you need it Peace for your wound Space for your flight: Whatever and all that is true. But I must ask beneath the door, I must…

poem image for Gas Masks for Khan Sheikhoun | ruins in Morocco

Gas Masks for Khan Sheikhoun

Have you heard? They’re sending people to Mars. It seems to me… Crazy? Mars is hostile to life. You can’t even breathe the air! How will they survive? Well, we’ll make them a refuge, of course. It’s only Right. We value their lives – The forefront of humanity – We must make sure they thrive.…

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